Zucchini flower  / R105

Zucchini flower filled with thyme-infused ricotta mousse served with spicy napoli and rocket. 

rightside free-range wood-fired roasted chicken / ​R225

served with farm veggies, sautéed baby potatoes, wilted spinach, thyme, rosemary & pot jus.

Line-fish / ​R295

served with marrow spaghetti, roasted tomato risotto, and fennel creme.

Acorn-fed pork meatballs / ​R175

roast fennel, cherry tomato ragu served with wood-fired baked potato mash, and roasted plum tomato jus.

Marinated artichokes   pasta / ​R195

Marinated artichokes with créme, red onions, and truffle oil served with tagliatelle pasta. 

Mushroom and Pancetta  / ​R175

wild mushroom, pancetta and mozzarella

pulled pork Pizza / ​R170

Thyme marinated Bright-side pulled pork with Napoli and fresh mozzarella served atop with lemon zest, and wild rocket.

Shortbread Cheese Cake / ​R95

served with seasonal sorbet